Spring is almost upon us and officially begins on March 20th 2013.

It is now time to put a SPRING back into your step.

Foot Whisperer Spring Feet Image

During the winter months we wrap our feet up in thick socks, tights and boots. We rarely let our feet breathe. This can create havoc causing Tinea Pedis (Athletes Foot) as the fungi thrive on warm moist incubators. We suffer in silence either because we do not like our feet or we are embarrassed to show anyone our feet. Remember our feet are vital tools and the foundation for mobility and we need to take care of them.

Do not suffer discomfort and pain!

I offer a wide range of footcare treatments from Callus (dry cracked skin) to ingrowing toenails.

For more information please contact Donna on 07732 360111 or visit my website at www.footwhisperer.co.uk

Thank you.