Gone are the days of sandals and flip-flops, now it’s time to protect and cover up our feet. So what do we wear in the colder months? Boots, tights, and socks are worn to keep our legs and feet warm. These are probably the three main items of clothing we wear in the colder months of the year. They provide comfort, warmth and shelter from the cold weather. But what does this all really mean?

It means that this is the time that we have to be extra vigilant and careful not to neglect our feet. Out of sight out of mind? Wrapping our feet up daily provides an atmosphere of darkness, warmth and moisture and all these three elements can cause Tinea Pedis (Athletes Foot).

How do I know if I have Athletes Foot? Here are some of the common conditions:-
• Usually occurring in-between the toes of the littlest toe and next to it (5th/4th digit)
• Flaky skin
• Dry skin
• Red itchy skin
• Burning or stinging sensations

Athletes Foot is a very common condition and is caused by fungi and if left untreated it can spread to the sides or heels of your feet and even your toenails.

You can help yourself by firstly keeping an eye on your feet especially in-between your toes on a regular basis making note of any changes. It would also be beneficial to have a 6-8 weekly routine Foot Treatment to keep your feet healthy and in tip top shape.

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