It is getting close to experiencing that warm fuzzy feeling that the summer holidays bring. Have you already booked your summer holiday? Have you been out shopping for those super summer sandals? Have you looked at the health aspect of your feet lately? No???

Well it is that time of year where we and others really notice the condition of our feet. It is the same old thing every year when our comfy boots now find comfort in the back of our wardrobes and we search excitedly for our slinky sandals. But wait what is that on my foot, I hear you ask. Is it a corn that has been bothering you for ages or is it that hard callus on your heels that has made you feel uncomfortable when you walk? Have you been meaning to have your feet looked at but keep putting it off?

Do not keep putting it off! The health of our feet is very important. If you have any concerns or simply wish for a general tidy up, please call me now to book your appointment and feel great!

If you wish to know more information please contact Donna on 07732 360111, or contact me via e-mail.

Many thanks

D Peace

Let your feet speak!