Well I cannot literally give you a new set of feet but one thing my service does provide is giving you the feeling of having new feet. Time after time my clients both men and women have quoted to me after receiving a treatment expressions such as “My feet feel lighter”…….. “It feels like I am walking on air”……“It is like having cushions under my feet”……..“I feel like I am walking on clouds”.

If you suffer from any common complaints of the feet such as corns, callus, dry skin or verruca’s and this is hindering your everyday walking abilities and making wearing shoes/high heels unbearable then struggle no more as I can help ease the suffering. After just one treatment you will feel a difference and thereafter for you to retain that feeling having a regular appointment will keep all those uncomfortable days at bay.

So why wait? For more information about my services you can contact me direct on 01564 795018/07732 360111

I look forward to welcoming you.

Foot Whisperer