Finally Spring has Sprung!  The days are getting brighter and the evenings even lighter. It is a time for some new beginnings and to let go of any old hindering’s.

Let’s put that spring back into your step!

Foot Whisperer Spring Feet Image

This is a time of the year we look forward to getting out and about more.

Do you enjoy taking in the scenery?  Maybe you enjoy hiking up steep hills, cycling to and from work, walking out and about in the country villages, spring breaks at a nearby beach?  Whatever your reason, if you suffer from pain when you walk it could be down to callus, hard corns, fissures, ingrowing toenails, fungal nails. All of these problems can cause significant discomfort.

Do not suffer discomfort and pain!

I offer a wide range of footcare treatments and can help you feel better today!

For more information please contact Donna on 07732 360111 or contact me via e-mail on this website.

Many thanks.