Summer 2013


Summer summer summer time!

It is that time of the year where we can start thinking about our summer holidays. Gone are the cold winter days (we hope) and time to re-enforce some vitamin D and re-energise our batteries.

So what will you be wearing on the beach? Swimsuit, tankini, bikini, flipflops, sandals? Well let us talk about feet seems they have been cooped up tightly in winter boots for some time now. Are they rough around the edges? Do you have very dry heels that have very deep cracks (fissures) that are painful to walk on? Are hard corns causing you discomfort when you wear your shoes? Do you have unsightly brittle/breaking discoloured (fungal) nails? Do you have callus so hard that it pushes deep into your epidermis layer on the soles of your feet causing you to feel pain when you wear high heels?

Well I am a Foot Health Practitioner and I can help ease all this discomfort and pain with a full treatment which includes:-

*Pre-op disinfectant and assessment of the feet

*Nails trimmed, black filed and (burred if needed)

*Removal of corns (if needed)

*Removal of callus (if needed)

*Treatment for fungal nails (if needed)

*Moisturiser and massage

*Post-op disinfectant and advice

You will in no shadow of a doubt benefit from looking after your feet as they are the prior tools that get us around. You will not be disappointed to have experienced a foot health treatment that helps your feet feel lighter, healthier and less painful.

If you wish to know more information please contact Donna on 07732 360111 or visit my website and contact me via e-mail.

Many thanks

D Peace